Noise at work

The 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations place a legal requirement on employers to protect employees by eliminating or controlling noise risks. 

Work-related hearing problems
2016/17 to 2018/19
Estimated number of workers with work-related hearing problems
When carrying out construction work in densely populated areas it is essential to keep noise to a minimum. Excess noise can be a nuisance and noise coming from building sites usually attract complaints. Noise control products such as Acoustic Noise Control Barriers, Blankets, Curtains & Quilts assist with the reduction of noise to surrounding areas.
Acoustic barriers reduces the noise from construction sites. Due to the reduced level of noise, people in the surrounding areas of the building site will experience reduced noise pollution. Otherwise complaints can be made to the council and other authorities who can stop building work until noise control measures are put In place.

Acoustic Noise Control Barriers are extremely effective in reducing noise which can benefit nearby residents – for example in houses or nursing homes. Contact Silent Site UK Ltd to discuss their quality Acoustic Noise Pollution solutions.

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noise at work